Jodhaa Akbar 29th October 2014 ( Sinopsis )

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Lanjut Ke Jaodha Akbar yang terbaru, tentunya dalam bahasa inggris Neh, silahkan simak selengkapnya dibawah ini

Jodhaa Akbar 29th October 2014 ( Sinopsis )

Jodhaa Akbar 29th October 2014 ( Sinopsis )


Jodha s with Salim, she ask dasi did you see jalal? jodha says jalal has gone to different wives, jodha sits on porch, she is furious and says he is gone to different wives and I am here remain faithful to Salim, doesn’t he have obligation, yet why I am irate, they are his wives yet he say enormous things that all matters to him is salim, she finds jalal with one woman, she see jalal grinning with her, abruptly

jalal vanishes from the scene, jodha ask where he is run with woman? jalal digs out from a deficit and says snake, jodha yells, jalal says snake is in your heart, why were you spying me? jodha says I was not spying on you, she ask who was the woman, I am not concerned however let me know who she was, jalal says this princess of this castle, marium makani Hamida begum, jodha grins that he went to hamida, jalal says I cant consider another person than you, jalal says on the off chance that I went to some other wife, you would have executed me, jodha puts hand on his mouth and says don’t talk in regards to slaughtering you, jalal says atleast you touched me on saying this, jodha grins. jalal takes Salim from her and says I will make him rest.

Shagnui bai is going some place, she gets indication from beats which lets her know destiny, beats point to some house, she sees one house and ask exclusive whose house is this? he says this is of zil bahar and Rashid, shaguni says cabin infront of castle, she sneaks in cottage and finds zil bahar offering petitions to God and is pregnant, zil bahar sees shaguni and ask what would I be able to help you woman? shaguni says you are here in this hovel for somedays, you will go from here to some other place, your tyke in your stomach will take you other spot, you will need to give exam, one young lady will change the historical backdrop of Mughals and that young lady will be your little girl, zil bahar gets tensed, shanguni says your girl will take you to royal residence from cabin.

Scene 2

shagnui bai comes in royal residence, ruks discovers her in castle and ask hoshiyar who s senior woman, hoshiyar says she is shanguni bai and now meet jodha, ruks says gracious she is the woman who tells about future, she leaves from that point, shaugni discovers strides of ruks on ground in inverse sign and says this is bad sign, inverse strides are of witches and now and then it comes in type of human, she takes a gander at ruks.
Jodha is offering shower to salim alongwith Salima, dasi comes and says shanguni bai has come, jodha says she here? jodha goes to reach her.
shaguni sees Salim in jodha’s grasp and sees consecrated string in Salim’s grasp, she says it is great Salim, the person who has given this holy string, have made connection with Salim, jodh ask what you mean, bai says that its realtion of heart, its made by destiny, nobody can transform it, shaguni favors salim, she takes out pulsates and thumps point to some bearing, shaguni bai says Salim will win hearts of individuals, however his heart will be acquire storm royal residence, he will talk with heart just and this will result in slaughter, his adoration story will be composed with blood, his affection will be reason of ruin, his adoration will partition relations, you will be partitioned in the middle of adoration and trustworthiness, he will be huge lord yet his heart will break, he will have two women throughout his life, one will make him extremely upset and other will join his heart, he will bring issues with his adoration.
Scene 3
jodha is shouting in her room, jalal comes there and says don’t be tensed, jodha says whatever shaguni bai says, its generally right, jalal says not at all like this will happen, we will handle things, I cherish Salim a great deal, we cant battle with one another yet and still, after all that if something happens then your kahna ji is with me, he will demonstrate to me right way, both jalal and jodha appeals to kahna ji.
Voice over says that time was passing by, with jalal’s words, jodha overlooked forecast of shaguni. Salim has got high fever he is oblivious, jodha and jalal gets tensed reasoning what happened to Hassan and husssain prior, specialist is treating Salim. otherside Shaguni bai is doing her pooja, otherside zil bahar gets in the process of childbirth agony, she says to Rashid that now is the ideal time for conception, jodha says to kahna that don’t do this with us this time, we wont have the capacity to live, secure Salim. Jalal goes to god and says to him to spare shekhu.
Rashid is taking zil bahar on truck in overwhelming precipitation to specialist’s spot for conception, bahar is jumping in ache. they reach to specialist’s place, the kid is conceived, specialist says congratulations child young lady is conceived, otherside Salim gets cognizant at same time. voice over says that new love story was conceived, Anarkali was conceived and Salim’s heart gazed thumping agains, as it were, anarkali offered thumps to Salim’s heart/
Scene 4
Zil bahar and Rashid comes to jalal with Anarkali, Zil bahar says to jalal that you made a guarantee to me that you will offer name to my little girl, jalal takes a gander at girl and says her name will be Nadira(correct on the off chance that its wrong), bahar comes to jodha and request that her favor her little girl, jodha favors anarkali. Voice over says that Salim and anarkali were realted from that just, little did jalal that know the young lady he has given name, will get to be most serious issue of his life, this gilr was called anarkali later.
Soul talk- jodha says time passed by and 8 years passed away, now our child Salim was of 9 years of age.
Salim is indicated running behind pigeon, he snatches one pigeon and strokes him.
Soul talk- jalal says it was genuine, my skehu used to think from heart just like jjodha begum.
Salim liberates the pigeon and makes him fly in sky.

Soul talk- jalal sasy our youngster was diverse, jodha says he was devilish.
Salim is making nadira learn toxophilism, he request that her hit in sky, she hits the pigeon in sky, they both raced to snatch the pigeon falling on ground, Salim gets the pigeon before it falls on ground and affectionately takes a gander at him.
PRECAP- jalal is honing sword battling with some gentleman, they both indignantly take a gander at one another..

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